The long-term documentary "United Buddy Bears® before their world Tour" shows international artists* and their visions for a peaceful world. Michael Wehmeyer composed the music to suit each country that each individual bear represents respectively. The entrepreneurial family Klaus Herlitz still accompanies this global project. Also in English version. Available on DVD or

Mr. 1000 Teile“ was selected in 2003 for the "Three Minutes Quickie” category during the international short film festival in Hamburg on the theme: "useful invention" and was subsequently screened in Berlin. 3minus30film channel

Eigenheim“ is a 12-minute creative documentary short film that shows the demolition of the author's parents' family home. The event is thwarted by quotes in the off. They tell us of the effort involved in building the home. A life's work no longer fits into the present time, the post-war dream is destroyed.

1st Prize (Experimental) at the WOFFF in England, in the Competition of German Film Festivals, 2019 in the Short Film Agency catalogue and on the list of nominees for the German Short Film Award.  Streamed in Vimeo- only available with a password

Modul Art“ shows the Greek artist Leda Luss Luyken. Her work "Pantha Rhei" (Everything flows) was created in collaboration with the artist. For private viewing, a link to the film will be sent on request.


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