Schlossträume – never ending dreams

An old manor house in the restricted area at the Baltic Sea - others called it a castle from 1945 - is in a "subsidised" Sleeping Beauty like state. What was life like at that place during GDR times, in the time before that and what happened when the inner-German border had disappeared? The former film project "Schlosskämpfer", supported by the DEFA Foundation in 2009, is currently being developed further.

Einsteins letzte Geige – fake or not
Harry Langner claims to own the violin on which Albert Einstein last played in Germany. The search for the truth about Einstein's violin playing reveals completely different sides of the genius with whom Harry also identifies. Is there any evidence that can proof what is or is not true?

Don’t kiss me, I’m busy
Waldtraut Scheibert's stages of her life can be seen as a model of an entire generation showing different roles of the "bourgeois woman". For the commitment of the author's mother who actually wanted to become an actress. Female personalities and talents did not receive wide social recognition as they were different from the "norm" like Waldtraut and her friends.
Archive footage as well as audio-footage from politics, advertising and private pictures are put together in a collage, with a commentary by two unconventional ladies and a gynecologist

What about peace
An agile woman and grandmother is desperately trying to sort out her life memories, all of which are kept in the massive chest next to her. Fragmentary memories of nights of bombing, marriage proposals, work and many journeys come to light. It is her still cluttered view of the world that presents itself. A Short Film in Post Produktion.

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