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3-30 film stands for                   
cinematic documentation


3-30 film is a network of experienced cinema hands who bring old and new stories to life, illustrating both big and small events in film.

We're named 3-30 film because of our many television productions that last 3 minutes and 30 seconds – magazine reports that inform and entertain.

But 3 minutes and 30 seconds is also the running time of 8mm film reels used to capture and preserve those very personal moments.


3-30 film lets things take their time – at the customer's wish, for more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds! Whether it's a company promo or scenes of a wedding, short or full-length films, telling stories in moving pictures is our job. We combine good stories, film language, and quality service into pleasurable products for you.

Organizations, institutions, project directors and artists all know the enduring value of a personal film archive. 3-30 film researches and organizes existing material for your own "film databank".

We assist you and your company by making presentations and cinematic family histories, as well as by supervising long-term documentation – all tailor-made and top-notch.

We can digitize your 8 and 16mm films, as well as other analog productions, and help with the dramaturgy. Using non-linear editing, we remove technical imperfections, edit, add commentary and/or music – among a host of other services. Then we finish your film on VHS, DVD or the medium of your choice that – with no loss in quality – can be duplicated, re-edited and updated as much and as often as you wish.


You may view a selection of our work on this website. And you can request nonbinding offers by writing to: 3-30 film

Dagmar Scheibert (filmmaker and communications specialist)
Andrea Kasiske (film author and theater scholar)
Dr. Reinhard Eisener (historian and technician)

Contact:      3-30 film
                    in Berlin:             Phone +49 (0)30-8229360
                                               Fax +49 (0)30-8229365
                    in Lütgenhof:      PhoneFax +49 (0)38826-88414
                                               Mobile +49 (0)170-1830602